воскресенье, 10 сентября 2017 г.

Little importance to outward activities

On being questioned by some brothers-in-faith about the propriety or impropriety of a man’s activities, Thakur [Bijoy Krishna Goswami] said—Those who have developed an insight into the human heart attach very little improtance to outward activities. They look straight into the heart. It is really difficult to make out what action will do good to some particular person. Many sick persons have been cured of serious ailments even after taking definitely improper diets.

It may be that some persons are gieatly benefited by the performance of even such acts as are generally considered abominable. It is not very easy to anticipate the effects of all actions. One has simply to keep oneself steady in one’s path of duty and remain a passive observer of others' ativities. Finding fault with others is definitely harmful

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